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SpaceX Starship Minecraft JE


This Minecraft datapack brings a detailed model of the SpaceX Starship vehicle to your Minecraft world. It includes several modules for the Starship model created using Blockbench, a popular 3D modeling software for Minecraft. The spacecraft has different degrees of freedom (DOF) for both engines and the vehicle itself that users can modify to their liking.

The Starship spacecraft is a fully reusable system designed by SpaceX for missions to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars and beyond. It stands at 50 meters tall, has a diameter of 9 meters and is powered by 6 Raptor engines. It has a stainless-steel structure and is capable of carrying up to 100 passengers or 100 metric tons of cargo, designed to perform rapid relaunches and landings on both Earth and other celestial bodies. Therefore, it is a critical component of SpaceX’s plans for interplanetary exploration and human settlement beyond Earth. As of the writing of this file (April 19th 2023), the planned Starship launch date is April 20th 2023. I hope this project will provide a fun experience for players interested in the SpaceX ongoing developments and space exploration!

Program the model to simulate specific maneuvers using the path.mcfunction file, and mark timestamps for each change made during the flight. The trajectory shown in the project video is included by default.


• Minecraft Starship resourcepack.
• Minecraft Java Edition 1.18.2 or later.
• Cheats on to run game commands.


1. Download the datapack from
2. Copy the downloaded .zip file to the datapacks folder of your Minecraft world, which can be found at .minecraft/saves/<world>/datapacks/.
3. Unzip the file and make sure its structure is preserved within the datapacks folder.
4. Launch Minecraft and load your world. If needed, type /reload in the chat to activate the datapack.
5. The datapack can be disabled running /function starship:uninstall.


This datapack is originally designed for Minecraft Java Edition 1.18.2 and requires no additional datapacks to function.


• DOF can be modified in-game using /scoreboard players set <score> <math|vector> <value>.
• Scores are pitch, yaw (engines only), roll, dive (spacecraft), aftAngle and forAngle (lower and upper fins).
• These values can also be modified within the init.mcfunction file.
• Speed control to adjust the Starship velocity during maneuvers.
• Player camera can track the current Starship by pointing its crosshair to its root part.
• Telemetry data in actionbar that displays key information about the vehicle status, such as altitude, timer and XYZ coordinates.
• Engine exhaust effects using particles and sounds.

Known Issues

• Some modules not orientated as the roll angle specifies at init.mcfunction when reloading the datapack. This bug is caused by Minecraft itself and cannot be solved as of today. If you have a Starship vehicle summoned on your world, wait 30 seconds to let it adjust or type /scoreboard players set #roll math 0, then reset your value manually.

Support / Contributing

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please feel free to submit a bug report or request via Discord typing /function starship:report.

Please make sure that any errors are reproducible and provide steps to reproduce, to ensure I can address the issue as quickly and effectively as possible. Note I will not contact you for any unrelated content to this datapack nor will I engage in spamming or flooding. Your feedback is appreciated and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

Pull requests and contributions from the Minecraft JE datapack community are welcomed. Any changes or additions will be listed in the next patch.


The SpaceX Starship Minecraft JE datapack is an open source project created by DanielDH179 and heavily inspired by the SpaceX team’s innovation and achievements. This project is licensed under the conditions of the MIT license. This license:

• Allows you to modify and distribute the code, as long as you adhere to not claiming the work as your own, including a copy of the license when distributing.
• Does not provide any guarantee of the functionality or quality of the code, and I am not responsible for any losses resulting from the modification of the code.
• Encourages contributors to the project, please ensure that any additions to the code also adhere to the described terms.

By using the datapack you agree to the above. Thank you for your interest!
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